Volunteers sit at the heart of our organisation. Without volunteers we could not provide high quality advice for free. It's that simple. Volunteers take our calls and online enquiries and help people just like themselves. So why should you give up your time for us?

What's in it for me?

Free tea, coffee and all the biscuits you can eat! (Which, we have found, is a lot of biscuits...) If this isn't enough, what about the following benefits?

  • We want you. The same you that might be struggling to find work, or can't hold down a job. Where others may turn their backs, we will welcome you in with open arms and you can see just what you are capable of. Practical experience on your CV could be all you need to tackle the job market.
  • You can meet like-minded people. Chances are, there are many others sitting at their computer, or on a phone, looking at this very page. A lot of them will now be volunteering, and you all have one thing in common; a desire to help others.
  • Your confidence will sky rocket. It could be that clicking the email link at the bottom of the page is daunting. After a few weeks training and working with us, you will realise that this was simply the first step on a journey to a new, bold you.
  • The training itself! We're going to need you to be a pretty clued up individual. We'll give you the tools and knowledge experts to support you every step of the way on your journey to advice giving guru. And while you're training with us, lunch is on the house.
  • Expensed travel - we don't want you out of pocket getting here.
  • Opportunity. The majority of our volunteers move in to full time work. Some of them even with us!

What do we get in return?

  • A minimum of six hours a week of your time. The average British resident watches 28 hours of TV per week. We think you get more out of volunteering...
  • Fresh perspective. What would you do differently?
  • Most importantly, as long as we have volunteers, we can continue to provide our high quality advice to everyone, for free.

Why not see what Holly, Olivia, Sehrish, Taylor and Eleanor thought of their time here? 

We are a very popular option for Sixth Years and University students when looking to add to their CV. The experiences and knowledge gained here can make the difference on your UCAS application and résumé.

Email us at: volunteering@advice.scot for more info.