Airth Castle Hotel Limited Liquidation – Redundancy Rights

Airth Castle Hotel Limited Liquidation – Redundancy Rights

Airth Castle Hotel Limited, the company that manages Airth Castle has confirmed that the popular wedding venue has went into liquidation.

At the time of writing, several news outlets are reporting that staff have received notification that shifts have been cancelled and that they should not show up for anything that has been scheduled. have put together a guide to redundancy, specifically what employees can do when their employer enters administration.

What is Redundancy?
In broad terms, redundancy is when the position that someone is employed for is no longer required by the employer.

There are 3 main reasons an employer can make you redundant:

  • Closure of the workplace.
  • Reduction in the size of the workforce – this generally may be for whatever reason, there doesn’t need to be less work to be done.
  • ​Closure of the business.

Redundancy can only apply when the position(s) itself is to be removed.  Simply modernising or renaming the position is insufficient.

Your rights will vary, depending on whether your employer –

  • Makes you redundant (dismisses you)
  • Asks you to keep working
  • Transfers you to a new employer (if the business is sold)

Your employer must have a consultation about why redundancies are happening, and look at alternatives, but are not required to consult you directly.

Redundancy is an option that an employer may choose as an outcome of entering administration when they become insolvent.  

There are different types of insolvency, and it may be referred to as:  

  • administration 
  • liquidation  
  • bankruptcy  
  • receivership  
  • company voluntary arrangement  
  • individual voluntary arrangement  
  • debt relief order  

You can check if your employer has become insolvent by visiting

You can apply to the government for payments that you are due, depending on your situation, including:  

  • redundancy pay  
  • holiday pay  
  • outstanding wages, overtime, and commission  
  • ‘Statutory notice pay’  

The insolvency service can offer support in these instances. More information is available at, or by calling 0300 678 0015. Your employer may request you keep working if they have become insolvent. The insolvency service can also provide more information on this. 

If you are a consumer looking for information on refunds related to bookings with Airth Castle Hotel Limited, please read our article HERE.

You can access free, impartial advice on various topics, including employment and redundancy rights from by contacting 0808 800 9060 or by visiting Advice is available to everyone in Scotland, at no cost, regardless of personal circumstance.